English Home Collection

Fine English Furniture from Leeny Jones

Inspired by the great eras of English period furniture, specialist furniture makers have been perfecting the Leeny-Jones range of furniture for over 30 years. Using the finest quality materials and traditional skills, the beauty and functionality of classic period furniture is re-created for both the traditional and modern home. Exotic veneers, solid timbers, hand polishing and brass fittings are combined in timeless elegance.

Leeny-Jones Furniture began back in 1971, as a partnership between entrepreneur and master cabinet maker who together created a range of English made furniture that became synonymous with English design and craftsmanship.

In 1989 "Alden Cabinet Designs" began designing and making furniture for Leeny-Jones, enhancing the range and bringing many new designs that featured, shapes, inlays and marquetry, combining modern manufacturing techniques with traditional cabinet making skills. This wealth of beautiful furniture design has now become the English Home Collection.

Decades on, the company of today, is owned and run by Alden Cabinet Designs, we are still creating hand crafted Traditional English Furniture, together with contemporary designs and bespoke furniture, made to the customers own specifications.

All our furniture is truly made in England, designed and made to order at our workshops in West Sussex.

See the modern Alden Cabinet Designs factory